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To initiate promote and guide the scientific research having bearing on problems connected with all types of civil engineering structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, harbours, treatment plants and etc. and economical utilization of construction materials or with any other allied matters referred to the Council by the Federal Government, Public Sector and Private Sector.
To establish and develop institutions for research and development, testing and standardization, relevant to Housing and Works.
To sponsor, organize, coordinate, conduct and promote Research and Development in all fields of Civil Engineering works including construction of model structures and demonstration units, and to collaborate with regional, national and international institutes/organizations and eminent individuals and groups.
To undertake research on contract basis in collaboration with Universities, construction industry, Federal and Provincial agencies.
To undertake commercialization of R&D activities, including transfer of technology.
To engage consultants/experts for short time duration as and when required for specific research activities.
To register patents for products and processes developed by the Council and codify the research results of R&D work.
To accept fees, donations, endowments and gifts for furthering objectives of the Council.
The Council may devise necessary framework to utilize funds generated from its activities for strengthening of the Council and its research programmes, and also to provide necessary incentives to researchers as per rules and regulations.
To collect and disseminate information to the end users, establish data- base and to publish scientific papers, reports and periodicals relating to the activities of the Council and develop liaison with similar organizations in other countries.
To arrange seminars, symposia, open houses, exhibitions, trainings and other extension activities to promote technology relevant to housing and works.
To determine the policy, approve short and long term development programmes, scrutinize and approve the programmes recommended by the Technical Advisory Committee, oversee their implementation, to send to the government the annual budget, annual report of the activities and achievements of the Council.
To undertake all such activities as to promote aims, objectives and functions of the Council.
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