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CWHR has recently established facilities for Non-Destructive Testing of concrete with a range of sophisticated equipment and existing manpower trained to conduct such testing services.

The importance of Non-Destructive Testing Methods and procedures have gained importance manifold after the October 8 earthquake. Structures that failed or collapsed during the earthquake will have to be reconstructed, but there are still a large number of structures that may not have failed but require inspection to ascertain their structural adequacy through NDT methods.

S. No.
Schmidt Hammer Test:
For determination of surface hardness of concrete and estimation of concrete strength. Test performed in accordance to ASTM C-805.
5,000/- per point (one point equivalent to area of 6'-inch diameter)
Micro Core Extractor:
Extraction of Concrete Micro Cores (1” dia). Test performed in accordance to ASTM C-42.
15,000/- per point (including extraction & testing of Micro Core)
Detection and measurement of reinforcement in Concrete by using Re-Bar Locator
2,000/- per point (one point equivalent to one square meter or one running meter)
Determination of quality of existing concrete by using ultrasonic pulse velocity.
2,000/- per point (one point equivalent to one square meter or one running meter)
Moisture Meter used for measuring the moisture level of non-conductive and porous construction materials.
50/- per test
Minimum tests not less than 3.
Cut & Pull Out (CAPO) Test:
Compressive Strength Evaluation of Concrete. Test performed in accordance to ASTM C-900.
15,000/- per tests. Minimum tests not less than 3 on same structural members.
Pull-out bond strength of adhesive surfaces by using Pull Out Bond Strength Equipment.
1,000/- per test specimen
Permeability Coefficient of hardened Concrete.
2,000/- per point
Corrosion Analyzing Instrument, CANIN:
Analysis of Corrosion Potential in Concrete. Test performed in accordance to ASTM C-876.
5,000/ - per square meter of area
5,000/- per meter for Beams & Columns
Abrasion Tester:
Determination of Abrasion Resistance of plain concrete pavers, tiles & blocks. Test performed in accordance to BS 6717.
5,000/- per specimen
(Standard Abrasive material to be provided by client )
Visual Condition Survey of Structures with images or visuals prior to perform NDT Test
Negotiable, Depending on Site Conditions
Load Testing of Slabs, Girders, and Beams etc. using deflection sensors with multiple channel strain gage recorders.
(Based on computations of actual site conditions depending on the type of scaffolding for test setups, type of loading to be simulated and type of strain measuring sensors to be used.)
Concrete Water Permeability Tester, TORRENT:
Determination of Permeability Coefficient of hardened Concrete ASTM: C 497-05.
5,000/- per point
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