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There is dearth of skilled tradesperson in the construction industry that is adversely affecting the quality of construction. In general there is acute shortage of skilled masons, plumber, tile fixers, steel binders and etc. Further, there is no institution in Pakistan that can impart training in these trades. Therefore, CWHR has planned to establish a skill development training center for training of tradesperson.
One of the prime objectives of CWHR is to impart training in different fields of housing and works to enhance the capabilities of construction industry. It is need of the hour to establish such a training centre where semi-skilled and skilled workers can be trained for the construction industry.
CWHR is planning to impart skill development training to the tradesperson in coordination and participation of skill development council and Benazir Bhutto Youth Training Programme (BBYTP) as well to the general public on payment of nominal fee. CWHR has already provided training to technicians under the BBYT Programme.
CWHR can offer short courses of 3 to 6 months duration in the following disciplines:
  Form work fixer
  Steel fixer  
Bricks and block manufacturing
  Plastering works  
  Laboratory technician
Installation of small, medium, large block manufacturing plant
False ceiling and plaster board installation

In future, the scope of the training centre will be extended and short courses of four weeks duration will be conducted regarding continuing engineering education for practicing engineers and technical manpower.

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